Will Your Business Lose Customers This Season?

by Nikki Stine December 17, 2019 Google My Business, Business Tips

You might lose customers if you don’t effectively communicate this one thing. Your business hours. That seems simple enough. But,

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DIY SEO for Small Businesses: One Thing to Jump-start Your Online Presence

by Nikki Stine December 26, 2018 SEO

Before you start scanning this article, let me tell you what to expect. This is NOT a complete guide to

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Switch to HTTPS: 3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Do It Now

by Nikki Stine October 04, 2018 Security

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Why Your Local Business CAN Get Reviews

by Nikki Stine May 29, 2018 Reviews

It is no secret that reviews matter. But how do you get them? As a local business you make personal

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