Every business that needs a local presence must have a Google My Business listing.

We’ll help you make the most of yours.

Why Google My Business?

As a local business wanting to be found by consumers in your vicinity there is a one simple area you must give attention to first.  In the past, it would be similar to getting your business listed in the local phone book (back when people used phone books).  Today, the first and most important place to start improving your local online presence is with your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

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How Does my Business Benefit from a Google My Business listing?

If you’re unsure what this is, here are some visuals from local searches for ‘post office’.  The Google My Business listing is (1) where the Google maps listing comes from in search results.  And the Google My Business listing is also responsible for the (2) knowledge panel of individual locations.

Google Knowledge Panel
Google Maps Screenshot

At a quick glance searches can see your basic business information such as address, hours of operation and phone number.  Beyond that, consumers can interact with your GMB listing in meaningful ways such as

  • Get directions to your location
  • Click-to-call from mobile devices
  • Link to your website
  • Read and leave reviews for your business,
  • View photos of the outside and inside of your business
  • In some cases, see what times are the busiest
  • And more depending on business type – for example restaurants can add a ‘find a table’ feature for making reservations

Google continues to add value for local businesses by incorporating new features to this product.  Some of the recent additions are:

  • Ability for consumers to ask and answer questions about your business
  • Business owners can create ‘posts’ that are featured for 7 days in their knowledge panel
  • Owners can describe their business, using up to 750 words

These features will no doubt continue to evolve over time.  It’s important to stay up-to-date on these changes as the Google My Business listing will give many people their first impression of your business.  Many will see this listing before they ever visit your website.

What You Need to Do

How to Make the Most of Your Google Listing

As the owner of your Google My Business listing, you will have access to insights as to how people are finding your business on Google and how they are interacting with the listing.  All of these features can be of great benefit to local businesses trying to be found online.  But there is a catch.  These features can only benefit your business if you follow the four steps below.  If you need help, we can assist with all four of these steps.


First you must have a Google My Business (GMB) listing.  If you’re unsure if one already exists, search for your business on Google and see if it appears.


Whether a GMB listing already exists, or you just created one, you must claim the listing.  This involves verifying that you are the business owner and have a right to that listing.


Optimize your GMB listing by making sure it is completely and accurately filled out.  Upload several pictures related to your business, including the inside and outside in applicable.

Monitor and Update

Monitor your listing for any consumer generated content such as reviews and questions about your business.  Keep your listing up-to-date.

It's Time To Act

Ready To Improve Your Google My Business Listing?