OnPoint Results is about helping your business succeed online.

As founder of OnPoint Results LLC, I believe in these three things:

  1. It’s your business.
  2. Your online presence is your image.
  3. You should know what you are paying for.

That sounds pretty basic, right?  You would think so.  But when I first started talking to business owners, I was surprised.  I found out many have little control over their online presence and were paying for services they knew little or nothing about.

For example, in reference to control, some pay hundreds of dollars a month to maintain a website.  If they ever discontinue that service they will lose their website.  It’s as if they’ve rented the website all this time.

Or perhaps they pay a service to list their business in several online directories.  This is an important service and can help with the online visibility of your company.  But what happens to those listings if you ever stop paying the monthly fee?  It seems the online business listings will stop as well.

Motivated to Be Different

I could go on and on with examples of companies that were confused and lacked ownership of important items for their business. These include items such as their website domain name, access to their public business listings on the internet, and more.

Realizing this helped shaped the processes at OnPoint Results. I knew there had to be a way to help small business improve their online presence, while keeping them in the driver’s seat.

I also was motivated to explain solutions in a simple, easy-to-understand way, thus empowering a business to make wise decisions with their own online presence.

What You’ll Get at OnPoint Results

If you chose to work with  OnPoint Results, you’ll get the service of someone who is committed to:

  • Helping you stay in control of your business
  • Investing your hard-earned money in ways that provide long-term results
  • Staying up-to-date with industry leaders in search engine optimization
  • Knowing how to improve your visibility in local search
  • Engaging in ethical practices
  • Communicating regularly and clearly

Even if you’ve had a bad experience in the past with an SEO or Web Design company, please reach out to me with your questions and I’d be happy to answer them.

If you’d like to start a conversation, please feel free to reach out.

Best wishes,

Nikki Stine – Owner of OnPoint Results

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Nikki is a superb communicator and has elevated her skillset to an art form.  She strives to get to know our business needs thoroughly before she makes any suggestions.  We appreciate the balanced recommendations she gives us, all the while respecting and working with our final decisions.  It has been a great investment for our company.

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I have had a long working relationship with Nikki throughout my years in business.  She has always been great at listening to my needs and providing me with results that exceed my expectations!  She provides prompt service and communication whenever I have a question. As a person who values things done correctly, I can trust her to pay close attention to details and reflect that in all areas of her analysis and work.  It is a true pleasure to work with Nikki because I know I will be satisfied with the end result every time.